Yes, Absolute Staffers works with many different facilities across the U.S and has travel packages designed to allow our employees the flexibility to work short or long term assignments.
We offer a comprehensive Health and Wellness (Medical, Dental, and Vision) package along with several other options; including Short and Long Term Disability and Life Insurance. In addition most employees will be eligible to receive PTO (Paid Time Off) which will be accrued from the day you start working with Absolute Staffers. Absolute Staffers has also created an employee assistance program which allows our employees to see advice finance, mortgages, investments, and CEU training.
Absolute Staffers has a rigorous on-boarding and hiring process containing many screening and verification processes. Each candidate is screened based upon their past performance, references, and license verification. In addition Absolute Staffers runs a multi-state and multi-county criminal background check in accordance to Joint Commission standards.
Using an outside staffing agency can actually help cut the costs. Employees’ malpractice insurance is covered 100% by Absolute Staffers as well as any workers compensation that happens while our employees are working their shift. Working with our company will also help with scheduling issues, recruiting issues, and help eliminate over working your internal personnel. All of which will lead to a happier staff and better patient care.
Yes, Absolute Staffers has an extensive workforce of qualified professionals ready to work at a moment’s notice. Our employees will already be pre-screened and qualified through our detailed on-boarding process.
Yes, we work with multiple facilities in multiple locations; each one having a different requirement. This allows us to offer both permanent and temporary positions.
Depending on the contract, there is the option to pick and choose what shifts you would like to work.
We are full service healthcare staffing company. We specialize in staffing all healthcare providers (Physicians, Nurses, and Allied) along with Administrative, IT, and Management professionals.